TizbiTec DTM Paint

Direct to metal waterborne paint Various textures & colors

Premium Direct-to-Metal (DTM) acrylic-based paint is specifically designed for the industrial maintenance market.

  • Interior/exterior metal protective coating system.
  • Paint and primer in one.
  • Protection for most metal surfaces.
  • Exceptional flash rust resistance.
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Strong adhesion and a high degree of durability.
  • Touch semi-gloss finish.
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TizbiTec DTM usage industries


TizbiTec DTM is an outstanding one-coat solution!

TizbiTec DTM provides comfort and peace of mind with these exceptional attributes:
Primary audience & usage areas

Our innovative product is crafted to benefit professional applicators, fabricators, contractors, and manufacturers.

Protect metal equipment such as storage containers, industrial architecture, structural steelwork and so much more.
Product safety, cost & time savings

Our product guarantees safety and sustainability with lowered VOC emission.

Minimize the application hassle, time, material, and labor because of our primer/top-coat combo.
Quality & protection

TizbiTec DTM focuses on quality with a smooth interior and exterior direct to metal finish coat system.

Our product provides exceptional versatility for surfaces like steel, iron, concrete, masonry, and aluminum and a promise to protect materials from corrosion and flash rust.
Intended Application Areas

Our product can cover a wide range of industrial and commercial sites. Protect structures of all sizes.

TizbiTec DTM metal coating can be applied to structures that include machinery, tanks, towers, pipes, railings, doors, walls, and many other areas of this sort.

Why choose TizbiTec DTM?

Covering diverse surfaces without compromising quality
Ease of use
Easy apply with brush, roller or spray.
Waterborne and Low VOC
Quick turnaround
Fast drying & recoat time.
Comes in custom colors
Add a splash of color. Choose the look that works best for you.
Save money with a primer and topcoat combined in one product.
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We represent a portfolio of high performing coatings and chemicals from innovative manufacturers.

DTM paint is designed to protect surfaces that have been designed for the industrial market. This coating is meant for interior and exterior protection of metal surfaces and is resistant against flash rust and corrosion.

This coating has a high degree of durability and has strong adhesive properties. The application of TizbiTec DTM provides a semi-gloss finish to metal surfaces.

TizbiTec DTM provides options in cost savings and makes the application process much easier as functionally it serves as a primer and a topcoat.

This equation makes for less work and less money spent on coatings.

TizbiTec DTM provides a coating for interior and exterior surfaces.

  • It is a paint and primer in one product.
  • It is compatible with most metal surfaces.
  • It provides flash rush resistance, and protection from corrosion.
  • It has strong adhesive properties as well as a high degree of durability.
TizbiTec DTM is a cost effective option with a painless application process.

TizbiTec DTM is produced in Winston Salem, NC, in the United States.

The package dimensions are 15in X12in X12in.

TizbiTec DTM is a waterborne Acrylic based paint.

The shelflife is 12 months at 77F (25C) for an unopened can.

Three colors are readily available including white, beige, and gray. However custom colors can be created for orders that are a minimum of 240 gallons.

Yes this product is corrosion resistant.

It is not recommended to use TizbiTec DTM in the situation where it is located all the time under standing water. For example, it is not recommended for a flat metal roof without a slope, where the water is likely to create puddles.

The coverage is approximately 200 square feet per gallon.

0.40 lb VOC: /gal <50 g/l

Lowered VOC emissions make this an environmentally friendly option. However, this product can be harmful to aquatic organisms.

DTM can cause serious eye irritation and may cause an allergic reaction on skin, it can be harmful to aquatic life, and is suspected of damaging fertility or an unborn child.

Yes, this product can be applied by one person.

Make sure proper safety gear is worn during application including goggles, gloves, and full body protective covering. Make sure to ventilate the area while applying the paint.

Steel, iron, aluminum, galvanized steel, concrete, masonry, and previously painted surfaces.

The application surface must be clean, dry and free from any oil, grease, dirt, loose rust and any other foreign material. Surface must be in sound condition to ensure adequate adhesion and performance.

Mix the coating thoroughly before use. Apply it by brush, roller or spray. Spray is preferred for maximum protection. Spray using 0.015” tip and adjust pressure to 1500 psi. When applying with a brush and roller it may require two coats to achieve proper hide and coverage.

Do not apply below 50F (10C) or above 110 F (43C) based on air or surface. Ensure that application is at least 5F (2.8C) above dew point.

No, Tizbi Technologies only sells the coating and none of the equipment that may be needed for application.

Yes, the surface must be clean, dry and free from oil, grease, dirt, loose rust, and other foreign material.

Recommended application thickness is 6-11 mils when wet. This results in 2-4 Mils DFT.

No, TizbiTec DTM can be applied directly to a properly prepared surface with no aggregate, primer, or finish needed.

Purchase TizbiTec DTM through the website: https://tizbitechnologies.com/direct-to-metal-dtm-paint or call the Tizbi Technologies phone number.

TizbiTec DTM costs $230.00 for a 5 gallon pail.

Yes, these are options for TizbiTec DTM.

No, freight is not included in the cost when purchasing TizbiTec DTM.

The handling time for this product is approximately 5 business days.

Yes, this product can be shipped internationally.

Contact Tizbi Technologies by phone or email for more information. Treated case by case.

Resellers may be considered for discounts, contact Tizbi Technologies for more information.

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