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Who we are

Who we are

Tizbi Technologies is a paint supplier that takes pride in offering the coating market unique, high-performing products. Our web store provides innovative technology for industry professionals including architects, designers, contractors, painting companies, and more.

What we do

We entered the commercial construction industry with one firm mission: To improve the quality of your construction projects.

A building is only as durable as the supplies that were used to build it. There is no reason for your project to compromise its quality because of defective materials. Tizbi Technologies delivers coatings that were engineered to perform well and to last a long time.

What we do
Who we are

How we can help

Let every product surprise you with its innovation, maintain the pleasing aesthetic of your design, survive the wear and tear of the modern world, protect the foundation of your building, and deliver on all of its promises.

Our products have been purposely designed to be labor and cost-saving. With coatings that are compatible with a variety of substrates, and that ask for minimal long-term maintenance, you can save big over time by applying our products to your projects.

Count on us to be your helpful and honest resource regarding protective coatings and quality construction techniques.

Partnership Opportunities

If you have an innovative construction coating that you are trying to put on the market, we offer mutually beneficial partnership opportunities. By becoming a partner of Tizbi Technologies you can benefit from:

A fully operational online platform to sell your product

Our advanced digital marketing strategies

Exposure to many new clients interested in professional coatings

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