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Our products

TizbiTec DTM Paint

TizbiTec DTM Paint

Premium direct to metal coating, protecting substrates from external weathering forces like rust and corrosion.
Fire Barrier Paint

Fire Barrier Paint

Non-toxic intumescent designed for interiors, improving fire protection on substrates like steel, gypsum, and wood.
FR Clear

FR Clear

Clear, odorless, water-based fire retardant designed for wood, fabrics, and other porous materials.


Tizbi Technologies assures products for industrial uses that will withstand harsh environments. Engage with tools that are long-lasting, durable, safe, affordable and eco-friendly.
Tested & certified
Ensuring products do what is advertised with a thorough multi-step examination process.
Protective & safe
Valuing safety during application and beyond, ensuring no dangerous health defects.
Ease of application
Administer coatings painlessly without jumping through any unnecessary hoops.
Providing products that benefit industrial settings without harming the environment.

Why choose TizbiTechnologies

We plan to provide you with exactly the kind of product you were expecting for your professional or commercial construction project.
Striving to improve the quality of construction

Striving to improve the quality of construction

A trustworthy provider goes a long way. We consider the durability and safety of buildings to be very important. By using our products, you can protect your material, improve building safety, and support architectural design.

We supply only durable and reliable coatings

A building is only as durable as the supplies that were used to build it. Our goal is to reduce the amount of compromise your team makes so that you never lose quality in your buildings because of defective materials. Our coatings are engineered to last a long time, facilitating this goal.
We supply only durable and reliable coatings
Our products will surprise you with their innovations

Our products will surprise you with their innovations

Our definition of professionalism includes products that add durability, protection, and aesthetic to your projects. We aim to engineer coatings that will supply a unique approach to old problems. This includes sustainability and eco-friendly options.
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